Friday, November 26, 2010

Foggy Friday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving
with your families, friends. etc. 

We (me and Jesse, that is...and don't mind the poor grammar)
 had a very nice time with 
my fam, eating lots and watching football
and On Demand Conan. 

And I did look at the sale inserts in the paper, 
of which there were more than I've ever seen...ever.

No Black Friday here, peeps.

It's crazy foggy outside my window
and I'm pretty sure that it's raining, 
but again, I can't really see it. 

I'm sooo glad that I didn't wake up at 3am
to go gallavanting around Tuscaloosa
to stand in line for eons to buy
things that will be out of style next week. 


I'd rather just chill at my house and
practice some online shopping. 
That's ok. 

Now the countdown begins for


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