Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Blend

It's Cyber Monday, folks. 
Buy anything sweet yet?

I'm looking through the good sales 
on Etsy right now. 

Especially the Christmas-y stuff, e.g.ornaments, wreaths, cards 
etc. etc. etc.!!!

Like this one from 

partridge ornament

A loverly partridge ornament for your kitschy tree!

And don't think that I would leave out this ornament...

owl ornament

It's an owl!!

And please excuse the language, 
but I love the quote, 
Hallelujah, Holy Sht, Pass The Tylenol - Christmas Ornament
as it's from Christmas Vacation!
I may be commissioning

to make another ornament with
some funny Home Alone quotes or something. 

I'm hoping to see the movie that inspired this ornament at the Alabama Theatre
in the coming weeks!! Check out the schedule and see
if your favorite Christmas movie is playing there as well!

Other than ornaments, 
have you sent your Christmas cards yet? 

Yeah, me neither.

If you need some ideas,
check out these cool letterpress cards...

This one is probably my favorite 

 Happy shopping!
And have a great holiday season!!! 


  1. I love the "Christmas Vacation" reference. You can never have enough Clark W. Griswold!

  2. Agreed! I'm so looking forward to seeing the movie!


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