Monday, June 6, 2011

Phone-o is finito.

Well, the LG Shine that I have kept alive for
over two and a half years now, 
has finally decided that it should no longer work. 


It was quite unnerving to drive from B'ham to 
Tuscaloosa today, because I just 
knew today would be the day
that my car would break down 
on the interstate and I would 
have no means of getting in touch with
my hubby. No bueno. 

I also had another bad dream 
about tornadoes. 
What's that about? 
This one was in Tuscaloosa again, 
but it was headed straight for my mom's house. 

She and my brother were ok. 
However, the hospital was completely destroyed (like exploded 
right in front of me)
and it was on the wrong side of 15th street
(it was where Northington Elementary resides).

It was incredibly too real for my taste
and I would rather not relive that in
my dreams or reality. 

On a happier note,
Jesse and I went to Jameson and
Brianne's wedding at Rosewood Mansion
in Pinson, AL. 

You remember them, right?
And the awesome proposal in December? 

Well, here are some cute pics from yesterday. 
It was literally HELL hot, 
but the ceremony was beautiful
and I'm so glad that we got to 
go and see our friends' covenant
to one another. 

Right now, they should be
living it up in Hawaii!!

Have a great Monday!

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