Friday, June 3, 2011

My Huckleberry Friend

After reading a friend's blog today
and get updated on their family matters... 

I was redirected to another bloggy, 
where this lady does some precious crafties... 

Bird & Bead Necklace

Pretty Face Ruffle Headband

and posts some very nice music. 
which i will now steal and post for you. 
I hope you enjoy this song as much as do. 
Patty Griffin also does a beautiful rendition of 
this song as well. 

Also, I know I promised you pictures from our trip from Memorial day weekend, 
but had some technical difficulties with getting the cd to give me the photos. 
Jerky cd. 

Anyway, Jesse posted some on facebook today, 
so I am stealing just one.

This is us at the University of Cincinnati, 
ON the football field.
Yeah, apparently anyone can
wander off of the street there and just
hang out at the stadium. 
Working out, studying, taking 
random pictures, etc. 

So, if you're ever in Ohio, 
stop on by and play an impromptu 
game of football or ultimate frisbee. 
I'm pretty sure it's allowed.


  1. You have to follow the journey of an appleseed blog--it is the more updated one; however, Jonathan will be posting on the other one when he gets around to it!

  2. Am I not already following it? Yeesh, I thought I did that yesterday. Haha. I will fix that immediately!


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