Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love is in the air

I am so happy to announce the engagement of 
my friends, Jameson and Brianne!

They are among some of my favorite people in the world.
(After Jesse, of course)

I was also so honored to participate in and witness
the proposal.. 

I literally stumbled upon Jameson yesterday afternoon
on my way to the Supe Store, while he was writing out
"Will you marry me?" on the promenade between the ferguson center
and the student services building. 
I asked if he needed help with the letters, so I started making 
the block letters and filling them in with white chalk. 

A group of students and their parents, who were here 
for a UA tour, saw what was happening and volunteered
to help with some extra chalking (e.g. bordering letters with blue, drawing hearts, etc.).

The mom of the group even gave me her cell number, 
so that I could send her a picture of the "Yes!" moment. 

I left to go back to my office until 4:30
and then stood with a gaggle of women on the balcony 
of the student services building, 
where we waited for Brianne to walk down 
to Jameson.

She made it to him by the stairs (without actually seeing the question)
and we watched as he knelt down to ask her
and she said YES!

(I got this information afterwards, 
but Jameson had sent Brianne on 
a memory lane scavenger hunt.)

I am so happy for my friends
and I wish them such a happy life together!!

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