Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So, last night Jesse and I tried to watch
on the ol' Netflix, but alas
the connection was lame-o 
and the picture was choppy
and the sound started to break. 


we did get an overall view 
of the different families
and cultures that were represented. 

All of those babies were super cute. 

And I know that this is a cultural thing, 
but I couldn't watch the Namibian family
 without cringing... the moms were eating bread
that they were dipping in something
and it just looked super gross..
and then the babies were putting all manner
of rocks and dirt in their mouths... (which grosses me out here, too)

All of the families were so great with their babies, 
despite not having some modern "conveniences"
that we in America consider normal. 

Here's a little video on babies
that I think you'll enjoy:

Have a great Wednesday!

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