Monday, June 20, 2011




Time to think of better things.

My hubs.
He's awesome. 
Don'tcha know?

He's super sweet and 
he helps me cook
desserts for Father's day. 
(Peach cobbler, anyone?)

This is not a picture of the one we made, 
but it looked pretty darn similar. 
And tasted delicious. 

He also watches girly movies 
with me like Where the Heart Is
and the like, just because... 

He takes care of me, 
when I have migraines. 

And he walks me to 
the door when I leave super 
early in the morning, 
even when he doesn't have 
to wake up until later. 

He plans out fun 
trips and cool stops at 
neat-o sites. 

This past weekend we drove through 
Shelby and Chilton counties, 
looking for caches, benchmarks, and the like..
and stopped at The University of Montevallo
and a peach stand for some yet-to-be tasted peaches
and bread and butter pickles, which have been tasted. 
I think that Jesse and I should make our own. 

They would be great. 

Have a great Monday.
I'm looking forward to the weekend.

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