Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dapper Dan

Don't think I'm a lame-o or anything, but 
I was on the radio this morning. 

I also think that I was a little 
overly excited. Let's say that I 
did a happy dance after my conversation
with the deejay. Haha. 

But first, let me back up and 
tell you why I was on the radio.

I didn't call to win anything, 
but to comment on 
electronic devices on airplanes. 

There is a new article out 
saying that using an ipod, ipad, 
cell phone, etc. on airplanes, 
while in flight, may be dangerous. 

So Mojo and the rest of the Rock 99.5 
crew were talking about it and 
said that Mythbusters should 
do a show about it and prove it or bust it. 

So.... I immediately called to tell them
that Adam and Jamie from the show
had already done an episode about that 
very topic. 

I was very excited that I remembered this 
particular episode and after telling the dude
about this and hanging up I was very 
anxious to hear myself on the radio, 
especially since sometimes I've been 
known to country-fy my accent... 
but I felt confident that I sounded 
smart and coherent... unlike a lot of their listeners. 
(Snob alert)

After about 15 minutes, 
they finally aired the question
and I was the first person used
to answer it! The next two 
had the same answer I did. 

Boom roasted. 

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