Monday, June 13, 2011

I wish that I had cared more about PBS earlier in life. 
I may have known a bit more sooner... 
but alas... I didn't and see now that
PBS has improved their programming
ten-fold and I am anxious to see more of 
what they have to offer. 

Did that sound incredibly geeky?

Anywho, recently I found a six episode series
It's one of the most informative documentaries
that I have seen in recent years, 
especially because it highlights the history
of not only the events that took place, 
but an in-depth look at the people 
who perpetrated this mass murder
and the people who suffered because of it. 

One of the things that I absolutely enjoy about this series
is that I feel like I could outline an entire course to teach
and also, because Linda Ellerbee from Nick News
is the discussion emcee for the last five minutes of
each episode. I wish I had liked Nick News
when I was younger, too. 

There's yet another master's program that
I would like to pursue. 
Just add it to the list. 
Master's in history, 
specializing in Holocaust Studies. 
It would probably coincide with the 
Religious Studies department as well. 

How are you spending your summer free time?

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