Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Night Waltz

So, I looked at the wedding countdown this morning
and had a mini panic attack. 

Not that I'm nervous about getting married,
because I am not, 
but because I am nervous about the actual wedding. 
Having everything done, e.g. decorations, food, chairs, tables, etc., 
without me actually helping with that on our wedding day.

My aunt did send me some cute ideas for the ceremony decorations, 
which I think will be really nice. 

Instead of hydrangeas, we 
will probably use all daisies. 
Love it. 
And Mason Jars. 

And I get to pick up the disk of 
Jesse's and my engagement shoot
(If I could have stayed at HH longer for
breakfast today, I would have been able to 
get them today, but I just missed E-liz.)

I'm soooo excited to see them.

And I may just post a couple tomorrow...

Have a great Wednesday!

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