Thursday, April 14, 2011

Non-Ghetto Photos

I picked up Jesse's and my engagement shoot photos
from the HH today...
and let me tell you... 

E-liz did a fantastic job
and I am so glad that she was
able to travel all the way from 
jolly old England
to come and shoot our engagement photos
and coming soon...our Wedding Photos. 

About 2 seconds before my necklace hit me in my face.

Rock and Roll.

Boom, total head shot. If I ever wanted to be an actress, there you go.

Same goes for Jesse. (Except he'd be an actor.) 

Product placement. It would be awesome, if yoo-hoo sponsored our wedding. Just sayin'.

Just in case you forgot. 

Random frame prop always makes for an awesome picture. 

Hope you enjoyed the sampling of photos from
our wonderful photo shoot with E. Mudge. 

Have a great Thursday. 


  1. Love, Love, Love them!

  2. Oh, Brittni, they look amazing!!! I know you are so proud. There are definitely some "framers" for your new home.

  3. Thanks! There will definitely be several of these on our walls. Haha.


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