Monday, April 11, 2011


So Saturday was busy, busy, busy. 

I spent much of the day with Jesse and his mom
looking at apartments and we found
some nice ones and then some not so nice ones. 

Regardless, the search continues. 

I'll be so glad to finally have somewhere
to live with my f-hub. (future husband)

We also picked up Jesse's suit for the wedding. 
He tried on the black suit with white shirt
and let me tell you, 
he looked very dapper. 

I got goosebumps. 

After all that, 
I had to head back to Tuscaloosa
for my bachelorette party!!

Some of my favorite ladies 
gathered together at a 
very good restaurant, 
and we shared some awesome times. 

Jennifer, of course, got the silliest stuff for me. 

I was made to wear the GNO sash, daisy headband with veil, 
and Elton John-ish glasses with "Bride-to-Be" at the top. 

It was embarrassing. Haha.

E-liz definitely got a nice close-up of me being goofy. 
Great use of the hipstamatic app on the iPhone. 

My 3 in-town bridesmaids made my night 
so special and I am so glad that they agreed
to be my a part of this time with me. 

I'm looking forward to my 2 out-of-town bridesmaids
to get here, so they can share in the wedding fun. 

Let's just say when we left the restaurant and
headed to Haley's house for the lingerie shower
portion of the party... things got silly. 

They made a toilet-paper wedding dress for me
and sent a pic of it to Jesse. 
He liked it. 

I was also forced to answer questions
about Jesse and me and if answered
incorrectly I would have to eat milk duds.
I only ate two. 
Well, I ate more, of course, 
but not because I got something wrong. 

We also rented a movie from the redbox
but never got around to watching it. 
Too much girl talk. 

I loved it. 

Thanks again, ladies, 
for being so awesome
and making my bachelorette party 
so special. 

I love you, ladies!

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