Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I've Got This Friend

So God totally kicked my butt this morning. 

Instead of playing solitaire or checking my email
before work today, I read a chapter from 
one of our premarital prep books, When Sinners Say "I Do".

Just the title alone humbles me, however, 
today's read really brought me down a peg. 

It was the chapter on mercy

The most humbling part of this chapter
was a story about a pastor and his wife, 
and the pastor had married this lady 
only to further his pastoral career. 

He did not love her, nor did he
respect their marriage
for 40 years!

However, the wife remained 
patient with her husband, 
raised her children, 
and they eventually divorced. 

Throughout their entire marriage, 
she was assured of God's steadfast love
and He sustained her for her entire life. 

The best part of this story is not that 
this couple split; it's that the wife
showed mercy on her husband
and forgave him for everything 
despite his dire treatment of her. 

This couple is now deceased, but both
died with the promises of the Lord
and the forgiveness on their hearts. 

That is real, 100% Godly love. 

(Couldn't help but include the Greek. Sorry.) 

Only through the almighty, wonderful, merciful Lord
can someone forgive something that was done to them 
so egregiously.

I began thinking about how I respond when
I feel I'm being wronged and how it's either 
contrary to my theology or in line with it. 

Most of the time it's contrary,
because I'm being self-righteous. 
Who am I to deny someone 
forgiveness and mercy, when
I am in need of it daily?

I drove to work today with 
some heavy thoughts about forgiveness 
and mercy on my heart 
and know that God is working 
on something big in me. 

Let's hope for my sake
that I listen and obey. 


  1. Yay that you can rest assured God will bring that work to completion!

  2. What a wonderful story, thanks for sharing. Mercy is a great thing to follow, its one of the harder ones, but so worth it in the end.

    -Much love, Kim and Mr. Gnome

  3. Boom...roasted!
    That literally just Chuck Norris round-house kicked me in the face.
    Thanks for sharing!


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