Thursday, February 3, 2011


And I'm gonna look like a copy cat, 
if you also follow my buddy at Adam-and-E. 


I've been listening to The Civil Wars
new album, Barton Hollow, with few breaks
the past few days, 
because it is AMA-ZA-ZING.

If I could afford it and I was friends with them, 
I would totally ask them to sing at my wedding. 

Especially this song:

I think it just works perfectly
for Jesse's and my story. 

Maybe I'll ask them if they 
would like to attend the wedding
on Saturday night
when Jesse and I go to see 
them at Workplay. 

Then again, maybe not. 

They're probably busy.

1 comment:

  1. b-ritt!! yay for civil wars! haley told me about your obsession with these lovelies! i remember when brooke blogged about them way back when... let's just say that i am HOOKED! :D


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