Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I just can't help myself

This week is crazy, for reals. 

I don't think I have a break until next year. 
(That's just speculation.)
Just sayin'. 

Between work (both UA and tutoring), church, 
time with Jesse, time with friends, wedding planning, 
premarital counseling book reading, and etc. etc. etc., 
I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, 
but not really discouraged, 
which is probably a great thing. 

However, I have been listening 
to some awesome music this week. 
Namely, my wedding song list 
and Mumford & Sons
(which isn't on my wedding mix). 

I watched their Grammy's performance
and almost got up and danced at my desk. 
They make me want to play the banjo. 
Or any instrument, really, 
that's going to contribute to 
that awesome sound. 

Enjoy some Irish-y folk goodness.

I'm also looking forward to an awesome 
concert at the new amphitheater.
Thank you, Avett Brothers. 

(Also, thanks to Casey and Julie, 
who stood in line for tickets.
You are awesome.)

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