Thursday, February 17, 2011

I better not have that...

I'm certainly not talking about these
precious cupcakes
that I saw on cakewrecks

They are awesome. 
Guess which ones I love. 

I seriously hope that I do not 
get this virus that 
is spreading around town. 

A few of my friends have
had it already and I would
rather not. 

So there.

On a happier note, I GOT MY DRESS YESTERDAY!!!!!!


It's amazing and wonderful and stupendous
and absolutely gorgeous and
I am sooo excited to wear it in April!

Just sayin'.

1 comment:

  1. Can I just say how I'm loving all this wedding talk? Weddings make me giddy anyway, but I enjoy hearing your updates on how the planning and whatnot is coming. Can I help in anyway? I'm no professional, but I did 85% of my wedding myself- can I stamp you some napkins? how about make place cards- are you gonna use those? Or maybe just make some table numbers? Or how about little cards for all of your guests to write you notes on that you can put in a book and keep forever and ever. Seriously though- please let me know if I can do anything. I'm giddy over here.


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