Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spazzy McGee

Jesse asked me to write a little show review of the 
(if you can't read that, 
it says 
RIVAL (Last show)),

so here you go.

The show was this past Saturday evening
at 7:00 or as the sign says:
6:30 Doors
7:00 Mosh.

I still giggle at that. 

The funny thing is when he asked me 
to write about it, I immediately thought of this from School of Rock:

So moving on... 
We arrived at the show just in time for Jesse and his band, Strike Zone, 
to bring in their gear and prepare themselves mentally to play (they played second). 

While they did that, I hung out with some friends from Tuscaloosa
and Jesse's bro and soon-to-be sis-in-law, Casey and Mareaca. 

We surveyed our surroundings, which was a church/school in Bessemer, 
and it resembled a school where I worked when I was in high school 
called Oak Hill (it had a that 40s-50s tile and old school buffet line in the cafeteria). 

Good stuff. 

The venue (aka the cafeteria) was filled with mostly teenagers, who looked quite out of place, 
although to them, my friend, Andy, looked like a chaperon from the school. 
(Let's just say he looked like he stepped out of a Land's End catalog.)

Anywho, back to the show. 

 The show opened with Rival, 
who I frankly don't remember too well...
sorry, guys. 
They did encourage a lot of jumping around and circle pit
action, though. That was crazy. 

Their set ended pretty quickly
and it was time for Jesse to get on stage. 

Side note: For the first band, we stood toward the back
of the crowd, however, when Jesse's band took the
stage, we moved our way to the front, 
right next to the circle pit. 

Let's just say we got pushed around a lot because
of the moshy guys... 
one guy in front of me got punched in the face. 
And I definitely got shoved into a wall. 

As for the music, 
I really enjoyed watching Jesse play
on stage. I don't think I've ever seen
him so into what he was playing before 
(he also plays in a praise band). 

I was doing that whole
"that's my fiancé" pointing thing. 

The band, Strike Zone, 
was very popular with the crowd, 
as they did have the biggest circle pit. 
So, alright!

I think it was also the only band 
who declared, in length/depth, 
their devotion to Christ. 
It was very nice to hear
in a crowd of teens, 
who got their smokes in before the 
show and were hoping someone would 
bump into them on the fringes of the circle pit, 
so they could punch them in the face.

It gave them a little bit of perspective about
the kind of music they were actually listening to
(even if you couldn't understand a ton of the lyrics). 

Their set ended with a crowd favorite, 
where some of the fans jumped on the 
stage to sing with the lead singer. 

That was interesting indeed. 

The 3rd set was also pretty forgettable, 
because my T-town friends and Casey and Mareaca
left after Jesse played, 
so we sat in the back waiting until the last band, All In, 
to perform. 

They were pretty good and entertaining. 
I do believe the lead (Scott) instructed 
the kiddies to be careful of his glasses, 
which I thought was funny, 
and which they didn't heed, 
because someone knocked them off
of his face. He retrieved them quickly
and I don't think they were broken. 

Also, while I was gone to the loo, 
they announced Jesse's engagement. 
And I missed it. 

It was funny watching one of the fans come up
and congratulate him, 
while I was standing right next to him. 
They apparently didn't think I was the fiancée. 
I don't look very hardcore, I guess. 

Overall, very fun show. 

Don't know if I would be able to handle 
another least not without
my friends to guard me from being shoved into a wall. 

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  1. I hate that we were not there to protect you from the evil ones haha! We had a blast though, and I LOVE that photo...I think it should be framed!


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