Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't be a sourpuss

Going through my calendar, 
days are starting to fill up
with various activities, 
work, church, friends, and wedding related. 

Found out today that my membership to the rec
is still valid, so I can actually start working out regularly
indoors now without wearing an overcoat and boots to do so.

Must remember to bring my headphones that work,
so that I can plug into the system they have at the URec
and watch the various programs available. 

The Strive for Five staff program is starting today, 
so more motivation for me to stay healthy in 
the upcoming months. 

I wish winter would hurry up
and pass, because I'm tired of cold
and frost and biting wind. 

I need sunshine. 

I also need April to hurry up
and get here.
The month, that is. 

I don't think I know anyone named April. 

If I do and I forgot, sorry. 

Looking forward to small group tonight, 
making Chicken Alfredo.

I kind of wish that I already made it, 
so I could have some for lunch today. 

Also, tomorrow night I will be attending Hillcrest Drama's production of:

One of the girls in 2420 youth
is a character and has invited everyone
to come and see the craziness that is this musical. 

It should be pretty awesome. 


Saw this pic and thought of you. 
I love you and can't wait to be Mrs. Scott. 

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