Friday, January 28, 2011

My bologna has a first name...

So, the chicken alfredo was a success. 

I used Chicken Helper, because A)it's cheaper
and 2) it's still delicious.

I also added an extra packet of 
broccoli alfredo noodles, because the dish 
looked a little noodle sparse. 

I got to use my new crock pot
to keep it stored and warm
at small group last night,
so that was also awesome.

Another girls night for small group plus Andy, 
who seems to be loving the girl talk. 

Good discussion 
about giving up our security blanket
when it comes to doing what God wants us
to do. 

Lots of revelation and personal sharing time, 
with which everyone was uncomfortable. 
Andy will learn. 

I hope I haven't confused too many people 
on my little rant here.... haha. 

1 comment:

  1. I highly enjoyed the I also enjoy our all girl group and the girl talk that we get to enlighten Sir McCartney with.


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