Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I've decided that I don't like large bridal shows. 
And that's that. 

600 brides and their entourages together 
in one exhibit hall. 
Not good.

Most of the booths were difficult to 
get to, because of the mass of people
trying to look at everything 
and stopping in the rows...

Not for me. 

Private planning sessions with friends
to help coordinate decor.
Wedding blogs.
Online registries. 
DIY wedding books at BN.

That's more like it.

Not nearly as stressful and irritating. 

One more thing, please don't get
me a "Bride" tote. 
I don't like those.
Product Image Bride Tote Bag - Pink
Seriously...not cute. 

Maybe one with my initial or 
a plain one... but not one that says "bride".

Bridezilla moment over.  

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