Saturday, December 18, 2010


I just made a musical note with the alt keys
and I don't know how I did it. 


Anywho, are you still trying to get gifts before Christmas?
Procrastinate much?

Yeah, me too. 

Etsy is trying to help you and me out this year

If your lady or little girl likes owls:
Tiny owl  necklace in silver

Or they have a weird affinity for opossums:
weird Opossum Jewelry brooch pin

Or a sweet tooth:
Julie's Fudge EVERY WEEK - 4 Weeks - 1/2 pound (6 pieces) each week - YOU Choose Flavors
(However, if you really want some fudge, 
you can ask me and I won't charge you.)

If you've got a fella that likes neato things:
Clock made from a recycled Bike crank
I bought one of these last year from pixelthis, 
and the seller is super nice and ships very quickly. 

This is actually from Patina,
but I thought it was neato mosquito.

Also from Patina
and I thought it was funny.
So there. 

Nerd Herder odds and ends gadget wallet in Power Suit- iPod, Droid, Zune, MP3, metronome, digital camera, earbuds, SD cards, USB, extra batteries, guitar picks, IDs, credit cards, phone- one wallet holds whatever you want to round up.

A wallet for all those little things... 
for your nerdy man...
An ipod. 
Guitar pick...
USB drive... 

So there you go.
Get some cool gifties for your special someone
or kiddies or friendies or strangers. 
I don't care. You're buying them. 

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