Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ribbon Storage

Rainy, rainy... 
I really need to invest in a jacket
or an umbrella at the very least. 

I'm glad it wasn't raining on Saturday, 
when Jesse and I went on a benchmarking adventure!

I wore my Chacos for the trip
and was ready to find some cool disks.

The first one we found was in a sorry condition (as seen above)
and is starting to detach from the stone as it erodes. 
The Geodetic Survey should probably look into that. 
(Side note: We are the first people to log this particular benchmark.)

As you can see, I enjoyed the awesome weather
and took advantage of the pretty day
by snapping some nice fall pics. 

We also looked for some benchmarks near railroad tracks, 
and had to run from a train (Stand By Me style) on the way 
back to the car.

I will say that the train on Saturday was definitely faster
than the one from which Wil Wheaton had to run. 


And not to get on a rant here, 
but why doesn't anyone ever ask Wheaton about
that movie? It's always "How did you like being in Star Trek
this and loved you on Big Bang Theory that."
Stand By Me was a fantastic movie and 
I'm saddened that more people don't know about it.

This one was found near another train track that was near a cave
that we apparently are not allowed to visit.

Don't worry we didn't trespass. 
We don't break the rules. 

Except that we were walking on the tracks, 
which is also a no-no. 

Oh well. 

Here are some more pictures of the small town wonders
that we stumbled upon on our journey.

And by "small town wonders," I mean
anything that I deem as neat. 

We spent most of the day driving from Pinson to Garden City and back
looking for these disks and we found... 9? Yeah, 9. 

It's apparently a record, so there. 

This one has a very American feel to it, yes?

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