Monday, November 22, 2010


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Mine seemed to stretch from Thursday to Sunday
with a brief stint at work on Friday. 

Jesse and I finally got to attend an Alabama game!
(My brother, Dylan, also went!)
A night game versus Georgia State!

And sad to say that GSU didn't have a prayer to win
as Bama beat them 63-7. 

I did get a little bored in the 4th quarter, because Saban 
pulled all of the "good" players and had the 3rd stringers in
for practicing/experience purposes.

And we definitely copied Conan's "photoshoot"
with his real-life Jersey Shore employee. 

And I took a bro/sis pic with Dylan, too.

Every time I see my brother, I think of this scene from Tommy Boy.

More to come on my great weekend...
-A trip around Alabama searching for benchmarks
and snapping pictures of cool fall scenes.
-A viewing of Harry Potter 7 Part I
-A thanksgiving cooking lesson

Have a great morning!


  1. I love your sweatshirt. I'm in need of a new one.

  2. Thanks! My mom gets me a new one for Christmas every year. Haha. The red one is my most recent.


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