Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Someone's drunk in the kitchen...

It's Pie Week on Tasty Kitchen!
Get excited, yo. 

In honor of such a fabulous week, 
I am planning on making at least two pies
and a cobbler within the next couple of days.

I may just die of happiness after this one though. 

Or I can live a little longer a try this one as well....

But if I went "home" after this pie, I wouldn't be able to 
savor the flavor (ah, thank you) of this treat:

The dessert above is one of my favorites...ever. 
Especially when it's right from the oven. 

And because I might win a prize...
I am going to show you this one as well...

However, if I make all of these this week, I might actually die.
Not only of happiness, but of a heart attack as well. 

Happy Pie Week!

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