Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You know what really grinds my gears...

Parallel parkers. 
There's a whole row of parks
on the road and you take the very middle one
forcing everyone else to park 
around you. 

Shame on you, ma'am.
Yes, I am generalizing it's
a woman, because seriously,
guys don't do that. 

Rant over. 

Ok, who loved GLEE
last night?

One of my roommates made fun of me
for watching the show.
ALTHOUGH he admitted to
never having seen it before.
He didn't even know 
it was about singing.
What in the world?

He's borrowing my season 1 dvd

I also read the latest 
issue of my favorite foodie magazine,

October 2010 Table of Contents

It always makes me feel like I'm not enough
of a food snob.

I'm pretty sure I need to find a more whimsical 
food and cooking magazine. 

Maybe with a cover like this:

I would be a regular subscriber. 
And then bake up a storm.
Note: In my new house, there is a loaf pan, cake pans,
and a muffin tin. 

Another find of the day from here.

I really need to be a better blog hopper. 
I usually just read my regulars for the day 
and then I'm done...
Not today! 


  1. um... i'm embarrassed. I THOUGHT I WAS ALREADY FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG... and i realized today that i'm not. me oh my. you can cyber-slap me if you want. haha. in other news, i have to wait a WHOLE season before i can see the new episodes of glee. FURIOUS. Hulu doesn't work over here...

    ps- adam LOVES glee. he was a hater at first.. but i converted him. :)

  2. Haha, no cyber-slap necessary. And I'm so sad that you two have to wait to see it.. surely you can download it on some russian website... that's what i did with The IT Crowd, when Channel 4's website wouldn't let me watch... haha.

  3. People in the 19th century! Why don't they get with the program? It's called an "automobile," folks; it's much faster than a horse.


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