Friday, September 17, 2010


Don't you just love it 
when someone writes something
on the opinion page of your
local college paper
and they seem so self-righteous
about their views that they come off 
sounding completely ignorant?

If you don't, you probably don't care
to respond online in the comments section 
Now, let me say this first.
I'm not a troll. 

I respond solely for educational purposes,
not to put the person down, 
but to find out why they wrote something
and start a smart, informed discussion
about said topic. 

I won't tell you what I am talking 
about unless you just happen to stumble
upon the article...and if you don't know where 
I work... you haven't read any of my posts...ever. 

Soap box. 
Did I sound self-righteous? 
Because if I did, 
I will comment on my own post
and start a discussion with myself.

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