Monday, September 20, 2010

That's not my bag

Good times over the weekend. 

Lots of stuff accomplished. 

Mainly "Angry Birds" levels. 

Alabama football watchin' know. 
Roll Tide. 

Gettin' to sleep at weird early hours. 

I'm kind of glad that my iPod is 
dead so that I can't play it right now.
It could become quite an addiction. 

Lawdy mercy. (My southern-ism of the day)

I tell you what I think I built up some upper body muscles
carrying boxes up to the attic last night. 
Haha. And just for the record, 
when the lights go off in the attic, 
it is pitch black, 
and I'm not ok with that. 
The last time I checked my name was NOT 
Vin Diesel. 

Already looking forward to this weekend.
You know why?
Nope, not the Alabama/Arkansas game, 
although I will watch it.

The 38th Annual Birmingham Greek Festival!

It's going to be super fun!
It's hosted by the Greek Orthodox Church
in Birmingham, AL
and they have the best foods
dancing, and Greek crafties!

Get excited!

And a last minute shout-out to
 my friends, Jonathan and Lindsey, 
who passed the Bar Exam!!!

Have a great Monday!


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