Wednesday, August 11, 2010

T-town happiness...

You didn't think I would leave out fun stuff to do in my own town, did you?
You sure are silly. 

Tuscaloosa which means "Black Warrior"
is also the namesake for our river. 
Fun fact.

1) Learning
That's right folks. 
We've got us a dee-lightful university here (ever heard of it? Roll Tide.), 
plus Stillman College and Shelton State Community College.
We're no dummies.

University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa postcard post card - Woods Hall, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

This is Woods Hall. 
It's one of my buildings. 
Cool, huh?
Built in 1867. 
Very old. 
Would have been older too,
 if those dang Yankees hadn't burned our campus to the ground.
Thanks, a lot. 

2) Eating
You think B'ham has some good restaurants?
Here you go. 

Oh my dear, Rama Jama's.
So good. 

I shouldn't really have to say anything about this place.
So, I won't. 

If you haven't eaten here yet, 
please take a plane, train, or automobile as quick as you possibly can.
Nothing beats it. 
Unless you don't like happiness.
Then I guess you are excused. 

3) Walking

You got something against walking?
We've got some pretty nice parks, ace. 
Snow Hinton Park.
Bowers Park.
Capitol Park.
Heck, you can even walk around campus. 

Went for a walk yesterday afternoon at the Riverwalk.
Quite nice and quite deserted.
Only the slightest bit stifling hot.

4) Being cultural-like

We've got a pretty thriving arts community, if I do say so myself.
Got a call just the other day from a fella 
who sponsors a couple of galleries in town and was hosting an art night.

We've got the Kentuck Arts Festival. 
A number of shows at the Sarah Moody Gallery of my building, Garland Hall.
UA student shows at the Sella-Granata Gallery of Art in Woods Hall.

Local musical artists who perform at different venues around town. 
Mellow Mushroom.
Pour Cafe.
Bama Theater.

And coming soon, our very own amphitheater.
It's going to be really sweet. 
Hoping that good ol' Ray Lamontagne will want to break her in
 by playing the first show.

So there's just a little bit about a town that I have called home for 26 years. 
If you want to know more, give me a holler. 

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