Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brummie goodness.

Birmingham historic map - Birmingham, AL, 1885

Didya fink Oy meant England? 
Tha's cRRazy, mate.
(Although, I did look up the dialect for the real "Brummie.")

What's to be done in this big ol' city and its surrounding areas?

1) Geocaching.
I'm going to start calling it "Letterboxing" now,
 because it sounds cooler.
You can do this activity anywhere, but for our intents and purposes, 
we searched in and around B'ham.

Mostly searching for these things:

Here's a good tidbit that I just learned...
In the U.S., active and abandoned railroad rights of way are often private property,
 actively patrolled by railroad police."


And today, I looked up some puzzle caches, where you have to solve the puzzle
to get to the coordinates of the location of the hidden item.... 
oooooohh, fun!. 

2) Eating 
I had never had a cheesesteak before so...we went here on Saturday for lunch:

Very tasty. 
And we saw some basketball player... from Butler
He seemed like a nice guy. 

And here on Monday for the weekly lunch with Jesse's family in Pinson:


With a special appearance by Jesse's aunt, who I really wanted to ask about her missions work,
 but didn't get a chance to do so, oh well. 
Maybe next time. 

3) Bowling
Lightning Strikes
Lightning Strikes
Family Fun Center
I would add a link, but unfortunately the site is down. 
My top score was 145, made so with a turkey on the 10th frame. 
Very exciting. Haha. 

4) Watching movies/tv
She's Out of My League
The IT Crowd (Season 4...oh yeah)
Yes, I said it.
Undertaker versus some sort of Heartbreak Kid...
who was in his forties. 
Not really a kid anymore...
Needless to say the streak did not end. 
If you don't know what I am talking about,
you are like I was on Saturday before this aired. 

Have a great A/C-filled Tuesday!

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