Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My newly British buddy, E-liz, is having her first giveaway today! 
Don't miss out on the goodies!

On a different (I have no money, therefore, no goodies for you) note:
School has begun again. 
It's actually not too crazy in here today. 
Shocking, I know.

I'm busy preparing all of my room schedules,
which are very pretty btw, 
and helping lost students find their way. 
(Literally, not spiritually)

We (office mates) are also trying not to use our
regular words so much i.e. "awesome," "indeed," "amazing," etc. 
and are trying to increase our vocabulary with other similar words.
A more difficult task to accomplish than you may think.

Book update:
Almost done with Driftwood Lane.
It's a very good story.
DH, you are terrific. 
(haha, I almost used "awesome.")

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