Friday, August 20, 2010

Crisis Management

i will be grateful for this day

I am the key master
No, seriously.
I have about 20 sets of keys 
on my desk.
No use putting them away,
someone else will probably need a copy 
at some point today. 

And thanks, E-Liz, 
I now have "Ooh De Lally"
in my head. 
It'll probably be there 
for the remainder of the day. 


Once again, Tres was fabulous!
BJ, Jenny, and Dave did a great job during worship 
and Wally's sermon chat was exactly 
what I needed to hear, 
warm and fuzzy included.
(Just sayin')

life is like riding a bicycle - choose your color- NEW

I finished my book. 
It was great. 
You did good, DH. 

Story summary:
A girl moves to Nantucket after she finds out that
her father (who left her when she was young)
and stepmother are killed in an accident, leaving 3 children behind.
She takes on the responsibility of guardian of her half-siblings
AND proprietor of The Summer Place, the B & B, her father left to her.

She has every intention of bringing the place up to code in order to sell it and move
back to St. Louis with the children, however, their uncle
comes back in secret to see if he can gain custody of the children
by finding something wrong with their new sister.

Guess what? They fall in love. 
Shock there. 
So cute though. 

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