Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ever had a day where you absolutely needed to laugh?
Or hear an encouraging word from someone?

I'm definitely having one of those kind of days.

It's certainly gotten better though, so that's good. 

On a different note, I visited the ol' Barnes and Noble yesterday 
and purchased a new book by one of my favorite authors 
in Christian Fiction, Denise Hunter.

Driftwood Lane

Not a bad read from what I got through this morning before work. 
The preliminary story is forming nicely, as per usual in DH's books. 

Also saw a new book called Emma and the Vampires.

Emma and the Vampires by Wayne Josephson: Download Cover

And let me go ahead and say, yes, this is Jane Austen's Emma with vampires.

There is also Paul is Undead,

Paul Is Undead by Alan Goldsher: Download Cover

 a book about the Beatles as zombies 
and their rise to fame.

I've added them to my reading list. 

I'm hoping this afternoon I can get back 
into my regular schedule of walking/biking.
I planned to wake up this morning at 5:45am, 
but that didn't happen...haha.

Hope you're having a great Tuesday.

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