Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I speak general American English, Y'all!

Having a fun visit with my friend, Mizz Baker, 
for the whole week!

Congrats to her for her perseverance
and the great things that are coming her way!

Haven: Sanctuary of Style

Whelp, getting back into tutoring again this fall...
that'll be interesting after a summer away

Hopefully, I'll be able to maintain a nice balance (a la Liz Gilbert)
in my life with everything that's happening in my life lately. 
All good things, I assure you. 

I got a new book yesterday, about which 
you must be so excited to read.

It's called Love on a Dime.
You're already compelled, I know. 
I probably shouldn't even have to say more, 
but I will just because I want to do so.

Isn't the cover just so nice?
And to answer your question, 
I do judge books by their covers ALL THE TIME.

Same ol' chestnut of a tale.
Boy falls in love with girl and
vice versa.
Family disapproves of match. 
Boy leaves girl to claim fortune. 
Girl becomes secret author and 
not-so-secret women's shelter volunteer. 
Boy returns a man with enough money to support woman.
Woman with new guy... who doesn't know she's a dime novelist. 

Duhn, duhn, duhn... what is going to happen?

Find out tomorrow... if you dare. 

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