Monday, August 23, 2010

Your love is like a hot panini....


Reading practice questions for Miller Analogies Test, which is a
"high level mental ability test requiring the solution of problems stated as analogies." 
Sounds fun, yes?

Beginning the process today of registering for the test, so I can
apply to the School Counseling program in Education.
(Perhaps for the spring semester)

Thanks to Vicki, I now have the song,
 "On the Cover of Rolling Stone,"
in my head.

I will pass it along to you.
You're welcome.

Yesterday, a couple of the girls and I went to see
Eat, Pray, Love
with the fabulous Julia Roberts.

The scenes from Italy, India, and Bali
were filmed beautifully, especially Italy
(must go there).

And if you didn't know,
through her travels,
Liz Gilbert concluded that
God is in you, as you.

So, you are God.
Is that blasphemous?

I thought so.

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  1. While I am certainly not one to defend Liz Gilbert's theology, that line does come across a little bit differently in the book. In the book, I took it more to mean that God is most present in us when we're being ourselves, or who He made us to be. I think this comes up in the India section when she decides to take a vow of silence but realizes that talking to all of the new people really is how God could best use her because He made her to be a chatty cathy. They did not remotely explain that in the movie - so it came across very much as we are our own little gods. Granted, I could also be reading that through my own Christian filter of what I believe.
    The book itself has some bits of truth and some bits of trash and it's left for the reader to sieve it out.

  2. Thanks, I tried not to be too judgmental of her "theology" as a whole since I haven't read the book yet.

    Maybe ol' Julia thinks that we are our own personal gods... she would ad lib like that. Haha.

  3. Hi.

    I just went to see the movie yesterday and I dont think that it is in any way blasphemous. I interpret it as follows: We are gods children and we are all a part of God and therfore god is in us. Furthermore he created us as individuals and therefore he wants us to behave as so. That does, in my opinion, not mean that we are "the"god but that we are his seeds because we came from him. To me it feels wrong to see god as something outside of myself. I feel like I am creating a distance that will lead to me acting as a someone devoted instead of actually being one, being true to God/myself. Thts just my opninion.

    Thoughts from a danish woman.

  4. That quote actually originated in the teachings of "the two" same group as heavens gate but 20 years earlier. like hippies who believed in aliens


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