Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good for you.

It seems like Ali's parents have the same fickle nature that Ali does. 
"I would have no know...offering my blessing." 
Did her dad say this to Roberto? To Chris? Or both?
If you answered "both," you are correct. 

Even though her family was unsure it seemed, Ali wasn't.
I'm glad that she didn't string Chris along on that last date, but was honest with him.
Although, I felt so bad about Chris during his little monologue before his "date" with Ali.
And then comes, "I think that you're amazing, but..."
Shot to the heart. Uncomfortable.
BUT necessary.
I'm glad the Chris found comfort in the rainbow...
and didn't start talking like the double rainbow guy.

I'm glad I liked Roberto from the first time I started watching.
Makes me feel good about my judgment. :)

Here are some oldies, but goodies to make your Tuesday a nice one.

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