Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Scored a free album today from The Civil Wars
Super excited about seeing them in two weeks! 
Woot! If you aren't going, I'm sorry. 

Trying to think of a lesson for this evening...
since Jeff skipped out to spend time with his family this week in Minnesota... 

Any thoughts?
Maybe a lesson stemming from the musical styling of U2! 
What? You think that's a terrible idea and who in their right mind 
would ever have a sermon series based on the lyrics of that band? 

Fine. I will come up with something that doesn't blaspheme. 
Sheesh. Make me work for it, why don'tcha?
What about a lesson with Beatles lyrics? 
I really like the Beatles.

What do you mean their lyrics aren't even close
 to being relevant to the Word?
Well. poop. 

Ok, ok. 
What about Matthew 16?
Just reading through the chapter and talking it out. 
That'll be ok, won't it?
I'm sorry if you don't like it, 
but that's what I'm doing and you can stop me. 

Hope you're having a fine Wednesday
and you're looking forward to an even finer Thursday. 

All photos from ffffound

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