Monday, August 16, 2010

Hand puppets

Reasons I love Workplay. 

1) The Civil Wars

2) Madi Diaz

3) Peter Groenwald

As Brooke and Grant pointed out, Peter should have sung "We are Everybody,"
 because he is obviously Charlie from LOST. 

And I do believe that Joy Williams and JP White 
are possibly the best duo I have seen in an age!

Joy seemed genuinely thrilled to be performing with JP 
and their attitude towards the audience was just great. 
Banter. Beautiful harmonies. 
Love it. 

Favorite song of the evening:
"Barton Holler"

A song whose title I didn't catch, 
but it was precious nonetheless. 
A song about being set-up on a date. 
Super cute.

Miss Congeniality song:
"I Want You Back"
Cover of The Jackson 5. 
Didn't figure it out until halfway through the song.
Sneaky, sneaky.

Let's Be Frank

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