Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hope everyone had a fabulous looong weekend.

Let me just say this...I wish I made a lot of money. And only for one reason... Anthropologie.

If I did, I would have bought

this and...

that and...

this (especially) and...

those and...


For now, I could seriously add about 15 more items 
that I saw this weekend that needed to live at my house.

As promised, we finished the first three seasons of The IT Crowd, which was awesome. 
And the fourth season just started this yeah. 

Richard Ayoade aka "Moss"

Also, if you haven't been to Chattanooga recently...Go.
 It's pretty neat-o. 

Walnut Street Bridge.

Mellow Mushroom (as always, Hawaiian pizza FTW.) 

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