Tuesday, June 22, 2010

They're onto me

I thought about just posting random pictures today and just having you guess what they mean... I may still do that for some. You never know.

Oh, how I love this restaurant. If Tuscaloosa had opened one of these when I was younger, I totally would have worked there. Heck, if they open one here in the future I may consider it. Those wedge caps and doo-wop music---heaven.

Here's to half-planned road trips to visit friends. Cheers.

Is an explanation necessary?

I have been craving some pb&js for the longest time, but just can't make myself make one.
I mean seriously, who can pass up a pb&j?

I feel like sometimes I've lost some of my whimsy.

In one of those moments where I can't say it enough.
Saying it too much isn't an option.

Pics are half FB/half

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