Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ode to Common Sense.

According to Vicki, I am speaking in my "desperate" accent, but it kind of sounds like Bernardo from West Side Story. Anywho, I have been inundated with the dumbest questions today...and I wasn't all that surprised...but I digress.

Question 1:How do I get around the building without walking through your office?
Answer 1: Walk around the building.
Response 1: Oh, ok. Thanks!

Question 2: Is this the Sella-Granata Gallery?
Answer 2: No, it's across the quad in Woods Hall.
Response 2: (Blank stare and arms spread in confusion) Is that a building?
Answer 2: Yes. Across the quad.
Response 2: Ok... (continued blank stare)

I'm sure there will be more dumb questions for the day. However, I wanted to put these gems out there for you to read. You are welcome.

Again, you have to wonder how did some of these kids get into college?

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