Monday, March 8, 2010

Good day, Sunshine!

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Qualifications for Spring. From here.

I am super duper mega ultra extra-excited for Spring to spring...the weather is nice I have totes sported my spring-y dress from Anthro and my flippy-floppies. Looking forward to go to lunch so that I can be out in the sun, if only for a little bit.

Had a fabulous time on Saturday on the quad, enjoying the nice weather with everyone and their mom and dog(it seemed)...played frisbee with friends and a random ninja. :)

On Sunday, I was unfortunately inside ALL day because I had to work at the Phelps after church. Apparently I ruined the afternoon because some people other than me did not show up to play either... sorry. Maybe next weekend. Recruitment notice: Please come and play! We've only had enough to just throw the frisbee and not play a game of ultimate. Come on!

Because I was inside and had nothing to do at the Phelps, I re-read my blog from the past two years and pondered that novel I am supposed to be writing (according to me). Sorry, still haven't finished that pesky book, yet. Maybe inspiration will come soon.

Listening to Flyleaf's latest album (you know, that one from like 2 years ago). Getting into the deeper message of their music.

So... point of this blog. If you are off today...GO OUTSIDE! It's nice.

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