Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've been working on the railroad...

For some reason, that song was in my head... it's not like I have a job that requires that much work from me, and yet I sing about how I've been "working all the live-long day"? Weird.

PLUS, I am listening to the Dazed and Confused would think I would sing along with "Slow Ride" or "Why Can't We Be Friends?", but no...ok, now I am. Good. Problem solved.

You would be so proud. I've found some motivation to actually do something productive today! Yay for me. Not only have I been organizing the student files for advising, I also made my first lasagna during my lunch break. Production is high today. Wonder if I could find the motivation AND the counter space to make some Black and White cookies... been hankering to make those lately.

P.S. I love catching up with old friends.

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