Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Food, Glorious Food

This post isn't necessarily going to be about food, but it's the song that's stuck in my head... you know, Oliver? If you don't, here's the song for your enjoyment.

On a different note, it has taken me all morning to post this because I got distracted by the Nerdist blog, trying to find my favorite post containing a letter from Doc Brown to Marty. Classic.

Right now, Jennifer and I are trying to decide what to order for lunch. This is always a fun game to play. Move one: Lunch? (on gchat from either Jennifer or myself)
Move two: Yes. (on gchat)
Move three: What do you want? (and this can turn into at least 4 more moves after that)
Move eight: What don't you want?
Move nine: Get out the menus... (why this isn't done first...)
Move ten: That one.
Move eleven: Who's going to get it? (And the process starts over again...unless the restaurant delivers, which in Tuscaloosa is extremely rare)


Anyways, we are ordering Roly Poly. In case you were wondering. Delish.

On another different side note: I have been reading a new book for the past couple of days and I have made only a little progress on it...too many distractions. Stupid job. And the thing is: I want to finish it. I have questions that need to be answered and I want them answered soon. BUT, I don't want to just throw out questions now...that could possibly be answered in a later portion of the book. See my dilemma? You don't? Sorry, can't spell this one out for you, until I get to the bottom of it.

Duhn, duhn, duhn.

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