Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm down with G-O-D! Yeah, you know me!

Hope you know the reference...if not, brush up on a particular sequel to a certain Whoopi Goldberg nun film. You will be glad you did.

I'm super excited right now, because our small group started tonight and it was awesome. Frankly, we were only expecting a couple of people (people we already knew)...however, the Lord brought all new people to our study tonight and it made our group so much better!

Christa and I made layered foods for dinner and dessert (I made lasagna and Christa made this layered ice cream sandwich confection with caramel, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream)...and it was delicious. Food really has a way of bringing people, who don't know each other very well, together a lot quicker than most things I would say. We laughed around the table and then discussed some various topics to use for our small group (Reading through the Bible- using the epistles of Paul, Peter, James, etc in an apologetic manner (a la R.C. Sproul)).

We moved into the living room and opened up with some Scripture from James 5. Very powerful stuff and lead to some great discussions about faith and prayer (which tied in nicely with Troy's sermon series "Supernatural", because verse 17 is all about the faith of Elijah.

I think God really moved through our discussions and our prayers tonight! I'm really looking forward to the relationships that are going to be built and the new insights we will learn in the coming weeks and months.

And ups to a small group Bible discussion where I can use examples from Lost and no one looks at me like I am an idiot....because hey, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse use some heavy allegory in their show. Just so you know.

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