Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why wasn't I warned?

Like the alliteration there, eh??

Yeah, but seriously... what the heck? The reviews seemed so positive... "A terrific book, sweet, touching, and great fun." Really, Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat, really?

Did we read the same book? What kind of a world are we living in where schizophrenia stricken women who think they are *the* fairy godmother of Cinderella and are banished when they allow themselves to fall in love with the prince and let Cinderella kill herself... whaaaaa???

What's real in this book? Who knows? The ending is not confusing... but it will be if you are one of those people who read the ending first...because seriously you are going to figure out this joker if you read the last sentence or even the last paragraph.
Don't be fooled by the back cover summary of the book...totally misleading. If you are
looking for a light, fluffy, lovey-dovey fairy tale, don't read this book. Read The Godmother by Carrie Adams...don't forget the article THE. If you leave that out, you will read sadness and despair. I am thinking if you read Adams's book, you will read happiness and joy. At least I better when I go to buy her books sometime this week.

I can't take anymore sad books this week or I will switch back to reading non-fiction history books.

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  1. Excellent. Probably as much comment as the book deserves.The cover art is better on THE Godmother, too. That was your first clue. I do like the alliteration!


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