Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I hope that I can't stereotype myself into just one of these categories. Hopefully, I am an optimist with just a dash of everything else...even nihilism.

Started another book yesterday called Godmother. I don't really know who the author is though..didn't really pay that much attention when I bought it the other day. Christa and I are switching back and forth, because she started it on Monday and I took it back from her yesterday and read to Chapter 8 (the chapters are long) and gave it back to her and I think I will get it back tonight...hopefully.

Good stuff so far...about the Godmother (Lillian) of Cinderella and the real story of how this fairy fell in love with the Prince (named Theodore) and was banished to be a human for-e-ver. Now she is an "old" lady living in New York City, working at a bookstore. However, she believes she is receiving signs from her fairy family and thinks that they are trying to withdraw her banishment. Soo.... she is trying her hardest to make a match between her boss, a divorced 42-year old who fancies any old books, and a late 20-something hair dresser, who loves anything's a match made in heaven, yes? What will happen?? Lillian seeing her long lost love, Theodore?

Je ne sais pas.

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