Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Get the "Gist"?

Yeah, yeah, I know...uber cheesy. Shut it. Give me my pun! Haha..gotcha again.

Anyway, so I read Deeanne Gist's latest novel, A Bride in the Bargain, and I tell you what...that woman never disappoints with her writing. She is always so thorough in her research and not only presents a wonderful love story, but also an historical basis for her story to give it so much depth. 

After having read and collected her past four books, I had to purchase the latest one and add it as well. Some have said this is her best one, but I still cannot part with A Bride Most Begrudging. However, it is still a wonderful read. Featuring history of Seattle during the period of the "Mercer girls," Gist writes about a woman who is simply trying to live after losing her family during the Civil War. Having convinced herself that she caused their deaths, she refuses to marry any who asks especially the man who "paid" for her through Asa Mercer, who sponsored many mail order brides in the late 1860s. This man has to convince her to marry him or he loses his land and his livelihood. He is a lumberjack and owns 640 acres of land and trees for his business and is quite well off, especially to be able to pay for her trip over and other necessities, including teeth (teef) for the woman's traveling companion who lost her chances at marriage because she lost her false teeth. So unfortunate, but hilarious at the same time. 

They live in the woods for months until she falls in love with him and tries to convince herself that he doesn't care for her in return. She moves back to town determined to move on with her life without a man and especially without her lumberjack. Luckily for her, her man is not easily deterred. 

Again, I won't spoil the ending, but if you have read her other books there may be a unexpected cameo appearance of a couple of people who you haven't seen in a while... oh yeah. 

That is all for today.

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