Friday, May 29, 2009

FishChicken and Kosher pickles

Typo? No, it isn't. That is the name of a new restaurant in my town. To be more specific, it is called Cap'n Jack's FishChicken. I really don't know what a fishchicken is, however, their regular chicken sandwich combo is pretty delicious. Fried to order...sounds disgusting, I know, but when it's fresh, it's fresh. I don't think I will be regular there by any means, but I may go back from time to time, if it stays open, which judging by the lack of people at the establishment, I would say it has another week before it goes belly up. Sorry, Fishchicken, you will be missed. 

Today, I ordered my usual at Jimmy John's, the Totally Tuna, which is by the way, totally awesome. They definitely know the sound of my voice and know what I want when I call now. Oh yeah, pathetic, but awesome at the same time. Anyway, a new fella answered the phone and demanded that I order a pickle, because they are the best in the, frankly I don't think that question can ever be answered, because I mean seriously you would have to eat every pickle and that would (a) take forever and (b) make me very sick. I humored him though and ordered one, and received my food in a timely manner, ate my sandwich, and prepared to eat my pickle. It was a bigun' is all I have to say and I couldn't eat all of it. BUT, it was good. I will give you that, Jimmy John's guy. Ok? Happy?

Tomorrow, for all that are interested I am going to my local airport to see a hot air balloon race. We shall see how that goes. That is all. 

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