Monday, May 25, 2009

Eye Muscle Strain...

Yeah seriously, I have been reading all weekend.. because basically I have had nothing else to do... yeah I "worked" all weekend but all my job consists of is sitting at a desk entering members into the system. The rest of the time I read. 

On Friday, I walked into my room to discover my free book, Something Borrowed, by Emily Giffin. What a good read! I read that book in about 2 1/2 hours. 
List of characters: Rachel, Dex, Darcy, Marcus, Hillary, Ethan, etc. 
Time: ? Couldn't be bothered to figure it out. 
Plot: Darcy is engaged to Dex. Rachel is celebrating her 30th birthday. For her birthday present, Dex apparently wants to give Rachel himself. Happy Birthday, Rachel! Let the affair begin. 

Moral dilemmas: Rachel is in love with Dex after 7 years of trying to convince herself that Dex is too good for her and he was only interested in her as a friend. She continues to "see" him because she can't get enough of him and doesn't feel first. Dex is in love with both Darcy and Rachel, but just can't seem to choose for risk of losing both. He apparently feels no guilt at all, until Rachel finally gives him an ultimatum. She can't betray her friend any longer and is being consumed with guilt and lies. Dex comes back to tell Rachel that he can't leave Darcy. Rachel takes a trip to England to visit her friend, Ethan. He comforts her and they each share in their stories about Darcy and her crazy spoiled brat ways...she never got into Notre Dame, she never scored higher on the SATs, she never wrote Rachel's name on the note she sent to Ethan in the 5th grade revealing whether he liked Darcy or Rachel. Uber-jerk. 

Ok, I almost revealed the whole plot to you...sorry. Got a little too into it. You will just have to read to see what happens. And decide you own moral scruples, because you will definitely need to know where you stand. Seriously. 

AND I was looking for a pic of the book to put on here and discovered the book is being made into a be released 2011...oh yeah. 

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  1. Now you've got to read Something Blue & Baby Proof. THEY ARE GREAT!!!! Oh yeah and her new one too.


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