Friday, May 22, 2009

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

So I finished that series I was writing Shanna Swendson. Enchanted, Inc. and it's accompanying 3 books were well worth the read and I am looking forward to reading book #5, yet to be published. 

The series features a heroine who seems just as normal and plain as can be until she discovers that she is immune to any kind of magic. This comes in quite handy for a company that specializes in selling magic (the real kind not that fake stage stuff) and recruits her (Katie Chandler) to be a verifier for all documents and sales to make sure they aren't veiled with any illusions. She becomes friends with the main guy in R&D, Owen, and his best friend from personnel, Rod and begins do things she wouldn't normally participate in such as kissing frogs and turning them into princes... who end up dating her roommates, Marcia and Gemma. 

As with any series there is of course a few plot twists and antagonists along the way that keep you interested in the story and make you wonder if Katie and Owen are ever going to get together. That question is answered at the end of Book 2 (Once Upon a Stiletto), when Katie begins losing her immunity and cannot help buying a pair of red stiletto heels that seem to attract trouble at every turn. A wizard with quite a penchant for trouble making and an short attention span stirs up trouble at the company and threatens to dethrone the CEO (aka Merlin, yes, the Merlin) and cause dark magic to reign supreme. This particular theme runs throughout all 4 books and isn't fully solved even by the end of Book 4(Don't Hex with Texas).  

By the fourth book, you have seen Owen fight for Katie's life after she once again loses immunity. When Katie realizes that she is putting Owen and the company is more danger by sticking around, she breaks up with Owen and leaves her job to move back to her hometown in Texas. Believing she has finally separated herself from magic, a wizard (incognito) begins to cause mischief around town and she realizes she can never truly escape the magic, even from her own family. Oh yeah, good stuff...especially when Owen travels to Texas to help Katie figure out who is behind the mayhem and put an end to the abuse of magic from his enemy, Phelan Idris (the trouble making wizard with ADD). When all is said and done, will Katie stay in Texas or will she take another chance at "magic" with Owen?

Ha ha. Yeah, now that I am done with that series I need something else to read. Any suggestions?

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